Easy Content Management

Importing one page into another

Typescript has a powerful feature that enables you to include content from another section into your page; for example to use the content of _sidebar/default as a sidebar on every page you might place the following into template.php.

<div id="contentsupp"> 

<?php $template->include('_sidebar','default'); ?>

The leading underscore in the name of the _sidebar section ensures that all the pages it contains are hidden from Typescript’s automatically generated menus.

Making it a little smarter

<div id="contentsupp">

<?php $template->importPage('_sidebar'); ?> 

For this to work, the section from which you want to import content should have a page called default and, optionally, pages whose names match those of other pages in your site. The content of the default page will always be included except on a page with a name match.

Use this when you want some additional content, such as a sidebar, repeated across the pages of your site but with the option of individualisation.